Friday, November 17, 2006

Arvon Postscript

This is a first draft of a message I was going to send to the Arvon director (she met us on the Thursday, and asked me (and others, I'm sure) the immortal question "why Arvon*?"), but she doesn't seem to have an email address.

So instead of sending it to her, I'll post it here, but I won't bother editing these first draft thoughts. (Would you notice if I did? ;-) )

Subject: Validation

[Dear Ms Director]

Stressful, especially on Friday

After I read my piece Jeremy said straightaway that what I had just read was known as postmodernist fiction (aka meta fiction). The fact that it was known as something made me feel 'validated'[He also said later, that it's about the writing not the type of writing. Of course. But writing something 'different' felt 'wrong' - now it doesn't.]

I've now bought London Fields by Martin Amis and will[...]

I've decided to develop my ideas, because of the course,

I even have a working title: Blocked

I had no idea what would happen going on an Arvon course, but I can now highly recommend it, simply for the hothousing effect it delivers.

I am very excited. Even though I am still a long way away from starting, let alone finishing my first novel. I now have a starting point, a first step, and it's thanks to Arvon, the tutors and the students. So, thanks.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share

And if you want to read my blogs


PS Believe it or not, this is a successful writer's website -

(*) Interestingly, for an organisation so interested in why, they don't seem to answer this question on their website.

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