Friday, June 16, 2006

Writing and Internet Marketing

My recent background is internet marketing; i.e. my business revolves around building promoting and profiting from websites. (So much so I built a website all about building, promoting and profiting from your website!)

This means that I have a good understanding of what a website should look like to sell, whether it's selling to site visitors or it's selling to search engines like Google.

But I'm new to book-writing. (I'm definitely not an author; I don't even write that often.) It is still clear to me that writing is not being sold very well via the medium of the internet. I don't see sample chapters, I don't see mailings lists, I don't see compelling websites that let you get to know your favourite author.

I see amateur websites, produced by professional writers!

I see opportunity.

As with all opportunities, some have recognised it already.

And that's the purpose of this posting to highlight a particular mailing list that looks like it covers writing and marketing. It's written by Randy Ingermanson of Advanced Fiction Writing

I say 'looks like' as I've only just read my first issue, but I can already tell that Randy "gets the web".

Don't worry, Randy "gets writing" even more.

If you take a look at Randy's website, you will also learn a lot about creating a professional-looking website that is easy to use, and has a few set objectives (I think he might want you to subscribe to his mailing list, for example. Why would that be, do you think?).

The site avoids making many amateur mistakes. It's a site I'd be proud to have created, actually, and I don't say that too often especially regarding writers' websites.

I have emailed Randy about this post, and hopefully -- hint, hint, Randy! -- he might make a comment if I've misrepresented what Advanced Fiction Writing is all about.

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