Friday, May 12, 2006

First Day...

Today is the first day, or rather first full week-day, dedicated to writing my novel.

It's started a little late, my first day - I should be typing this at 9am, rather than 10.40am - as I'm not quite as rid of the shackles of work, as I'd like to be. (Reminder: I work at home, for myself, and make money from my websites. This is also known as affiliate marketing, and if it appeals to you then I can highly recommend - you see how the affiliate marketer has taken over me, here - I can highly recommend learning more, on this make money online page.)

But this is what I intend to do today:

  1. Read my writing notes (Yes, I scribble down ideas on pieces of paper, in notebooks (more than one, unhelpfully so)
  2. Read the backlog ezines/newsletters I've subscribed to related to writing
  3. Read one of my magazines or newspapers (from the pile shown below) and maybe update my list of clippings
  4. Remind myself what my writing targets are for the months of May and June, and write down a Friday Target sheet (or something)
  5. Write 1000 words. (Hmm, probably won't do this one - don't laugh! But I will at least plan to do it next week!)
  6. Update all of my diaries (journals, to you) and blogs So even though I haven't started writing yet, I do feel I have got started.
And I've already written this blog entry.

I just wish it weren't so sunny outside...

Newspapers and Magazines still to read:

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