Thursday, April 27, 2006

Begin Here!

I'm going to write my first novel.


I have no idea what it's about yet. I am not a published author. And I don't really think I have a book in me.

It's just...

I am going to write my first novel. Soon.

And this is all about my journey from unpublished wannabee to published author in, say, 8 months time!

8 months?

Well, okay, I'm going to start writing my novel in 8 months time.

The truth is, I've started writing my novel today. I'm going to use this blog as an aide-memoire, as a prompt to action, as a reason to write... something, anything!

(I know, I can hear the groans already! Don't worry your little (or big) heads, i'm not interested in writing rubbish, not even if it means I become a millionaire and heavyweight American, and French actors star in the movie version of the book. Ahem!

I have little chance of achieving this, but my sights are set at books like Love in the Time of Cholera or The History of Love. Now those with big or small heads are not going to be offended if I knock out summat to read like that, are they?

Fat chance, I know.

But, aim high etc.)

So, back to the script, or the the scribbles on my scrap of paper! Where was I? Ah, yes...

I'm going to write my first novel. Soon.

So what are the first things to do then?
1) Start a blog. (Check.)
2) Buy a Site Build It! website. (Will do soon.)
3) Begin logging my progress as a budding wannabee of thousands of budding wannabees. (Check.)

By the way, call it bad or sloppy writing style but I happen to be a fan of the open and close bracket. (Don't worry. They won't bite. I'm sure they get a good write-up in Eats, Shoots & Leaves.)

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